Shiplap Boards Store of Texas

American Lumbermill Co. in Azle, TX wants to be your trusted Shiplap Board Shop. With more than 40 years of expertise in woodworking, carpentry, and wood board manufacturing, we created innovative ways to improve the quality of boards you get while making them thinner, more stable, and secure to allow them to be used just about anywhere, including ceilings! If you need to shop for the best shiplap boards available, that are just as easy to use for DIY projects as they are for the contractors that purchase shiplap in bulk, then American Lumbermill is the best deal around!

Visit our Shiplap Shop or contact us about a particular project or order that you need to make by giving us a call at (682) 235-0991 or by using our contact us form. We know that there is no better product that’s as versatile as our shiplap boards!

Shiplap Boards Store of Texas

The American Lumbermill Promise

Our team at American Lumbermill is proud of the shiplap boards that we provide to our customers and we show it by the quality and attention we put into the creation of every board that leaves our lumbermill. In fact, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the art of creating both beautifully textured and smooth versions of our shiplap boards. With our state-of-the-art bandsaw and our premium hand selected white pine and white fur wood, we’re able to design a beautiful grain and texture into all of our boards.

Our shiplap boards are generally left the natural color of the wood, so that our customers can paint them to their liking. However, we also offer the option for painting and staining with any custom-requested order over the phone. If there’s any color or stain that you want applied to your shiplap boards, we can have them shipped to perfection just for you. We also have the best pricing in the Southern U.S. at under $1.00 per square foot.

To get your free instant quote, give us a call or fill our our online form and we’ll make sure that you receive the best possible quality shiplap, price, and shiplap we have to offer!

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