The History of Shiplap and Joanna Gaines

For anyone who is familiar with HGTV and the hit star on the channel, the word ‘shiplap’ immediately brings the famous Joanna Gaines to mind. But, why is that, and should she really be related to the now popular wall paneling that we now call shiplap?

After just 5 years on air, the show Fixer Upper on HGTV has come to an end. But, not without cementing the name ‘shiplap’ into our minds. Add to that, Instagram has become a major place for social media influencers to share and promote their shiplap and southern farmhouse decor in order to build their own brands and names in that realm. To sum it up, the majority of those that are now looking for specialty wall designs with shiplap, are well-versed in the information and products available to them by the Magnolia Home Collection. But, there’s a high quality professionally cut form of shiplap available for a price that doesn’t include the costs associated with major name brands and sponsorships.

Why pay for someone else’s marketing costs in your shiplap project?

We Give Credit Where Credit is Due

The incredible number of homes built and remodeled by Joanna Gaines, her husband Chip, and the Fixer Upper crew is amazing and we would never want to diminish their work.

We also don’t hold anything against their use of the word shiplap as many do that want to create more discussion on the shiplap subject. In fact, we would like to make the case that in the design aspect, it’s okay to use the word ‘shiplap’ whether or not true shiplap boards are being used.

Let’s discuss why.

The Origin of Shiplap

Shiplap originally meant the wooden boards that have opposing tongue-and-groove segments on either side of the planks that would allow them to join and overlap or interlock, preventing water and moisture from getting inbetween. This technique was used by maritime ship makers to prevent seepage into the cracks on wooden ships and boats.

Shiplap is the New Accent

Plain, solid colored walls can become dull to look at over time. What if there was a way to create a beautiful new look that accents the walls by adding tiny amounts of shadow between planks on the wall? Well, that’s the new craze for the past several years, and it’s only becoming more popular as time passes.

However, it used to be quite common for interior walls to have shiplap covered by classic wallpaper that was installed on top, prior to the prioritization of drywall. The shiplap wall would be covered by a special cloth or muslin to cover the seams from between the panels and give the wallpaper the ability to stick properly.

Home owners now though are loving the change of design that’s brought us back to an older, simpler time. It’s kind of a nostalgia to desire shiplap walls once again. Either way, it looks great and can really make a room pop with simple colors, adding vibrancy and a better three-dimensional feel that plain white walls just can’t provide.

Thanks to the efforts of Joanna and Chip Gaines and the Fixer Upper crew, the world has taken notice of this opportunity to use colors and patterns on the shiplap panels themselves. This is why, whether it’s true shiplap or not, we believe that giving new meaning to the name shiplap through appearance boards is worth the cost of translation. Just take a look at our shiplap gallery that our customers have sent us and we’re sure you’ll agree!

Why Major Companies Overcharge for Shiplap Boards

With the growth of the home industry within the Southern and more financially prosperous states, there’s been such a high demand for Shiplap boards by famous names just as the Magnolia Home Collection, that there’s no wonder that prices have skyrocketed. For a product that’s been around for centuries, it’s incredible the price that people are willing to pay. Major companies who have the ability to market shiplap boards to customers across the United States are profiting off of the lack of well-known competition.

Even though many people are overpaying for their shiplap boards at major retailers, at American Lumbermill, we have the ability to provide higher quality shiplap boards to customers at an extremely low price of $1 or less per square foot.

Our goal is to help you finish your next DIY shiplap or contracted shiplap work yourself, without being charged more for lower quality boards. We even guarantee complete satisfaction with every order.

Purchase Lumbermill Quality Shiplap Boards at an Amazing Price

That’s right. Our shiplap boards are only $1 per square foot or less based on the volume that you order. This means that you can save hundreds, if not thousands on any shiplap project that you begin. In fact, since we’re the lumbermill and the shiplap board supplier here in Texas, you can get the very best quality without dealing with mediocre quality boards that have been made by one company, branded by another, and then sold by a middle man.

With American Lumbermill, you get the complete service with the product, without the extra costs and fee’s to cover multi-level middle-men.

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